Point To Point

Point to Point

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Why send information all the way across the internet if it just needs to get across town?

Believe Wireless' high-speed point-to-point links are the perfect solution for companies that need to connect two or more offices for data, voice or video transfer.

At speeds of up to a gigabit per second, it will feel like your information isn't even leaving the building.

You won't pay local loop charges like you would with the phone company. And, you'll get Believe Wireless' 100% uptime guarantee, 24/7 monitoring and support, and comprehensive service level agreement, so you'll never have to worry about losing connectivity.

What if we don't have line of sight between our buildings?

Because of Believe Wireless' existing infrastructure in the Baltimore area, you can link two buildings that aren't within view of each other. We simply set up a link between Building A and one of our towers and another link between Building B and one of our towers.

The result is the equivalent of a point-to-point link across longer distances and without the need for line of sight.

BridgeWave BridgeWave products

Believe Wireless is a certified value-added reseller of BridgeWave point-to-point wireless products.

Contact us at 410-902-0070 or sales@believewireless.com for more information.